Wrightington Parish

Wrightington Parish Council

Making Wrightington a heart safe parish


At the end of March 2015 the Parish Council, with the help of Lancashire County Council grants, purchased 2 defibrillators for use in Mossy Lea and Appley Bridge Village Halls. The defibrillators were located inside the halls in locked cabinets with a break glass to access key box adjacent to each.

In May 2016 the newly elected Chairman of the Parish Council, Mrs Judith Burton, suggested that the Parish Council try to raise more money to purchase 3 more defibrillators to add to the 2 in the village halls and the one outside Pesto at Appley Bridge. First to commit to the Councils fundraising was the newly elected Parish Councillor Mr Christopher House who had already registered to run the Liverpool Marathon in May 2016. Councillor House decided he would make it a sponsored run and managed to raise in excess of £250 towards the Councils fundraising. Councillor Mrs Burton devised a number of fundraising initiatives which she took in to the local schools, the pensioners, pre-schools and the Parish Council. Councillor Mrs Burton also raised over £600 by raffling a helicopter flight kindly donated by a local businessman. Many other local businesses and residents made very generous donations when approached by Councillor Mrs Burton as they felt the Parish Councils efforts to make Wrightington a Heart Safe Parish were well worth supporting. Two local businesses agreed to contribute up to £700 each towards the purchase of 2 of the defibrillators. Having now had the opportunity to add everything up, the Council has received donations and commitments towards the purchase of 3 additional defibrillators and button coded boxes to house them of over £3200. The Parish Council will also be relocating the 2 defibrillators in the village halls outside. This will mean Wrightington will have 6 defibrillators, 3 in the Mossy Lea Ward and 3 in the Appley Bridge Ward of Wrightington.

The Parish Council would like to take this opportunity to thank Councillors Mrs Burton and Mr House for their hard work and, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported this fundraising which just goes to show what can be achieved when the Community comes together to support the Parish Council.