Wrightington Parish

Wrightington Parish Council

5 publicly available defibrillator boxes

Wrightington Parish Council managed to raise enough money through charity to purchase 5 of these publicly available defibrillator boxes.

The idea of these boxes is to contain the defibrillator and remain at a permanent 5 degrees to ensure that the gel doesn't freeze.

These were installed by Matrix FSE Ltd at the following locations:

  • Wrightington Village Hall
  • Appley Bridge Village Hall
  • Wrightington Pensioners Hall
  • Sharrocks @ Wrightington
  • The corner of Mill Lane/Appley Lane South.

Clear instructions are on every box.

Mrs Burton, chairman of The Parish Council, would like to thank all the residents who have really supported and got behind this project.
Training sessions for interested local residents on how to use the defibrillators are being arranged.